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IELTS basically stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an exam given by those students who want to go abroad for their higher studies, and it is an international exam. An Australian Company named the International Development Program(IDP) conducts this exam, and it is a language ability test. There are four modules in this test, and there are two types of exams. The marks are described in bands, and there are 9 bands in this exam. Cracking criteria are based on profile to profile, and the best IELTS institute in ludhiana is Nexgeneration education. 

Modules of IELTS

There are four modules in IELTS: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each module has its own 9 bands, and each module has its importance.

  1. Reading: This module calculates your reading and understanding ability. It has 40 questions and three paragraphs and different types of questions like fill-ups and matching the heading. Multiple choice questions, information finding, headings etc., each question carries 1 mark. Imaginative skill and vocabulary is basic to solving the reading module. You have to complete it in 60 minutes.
  2. Listening: In this module, your command of English by the speakers is calculated, and there are 4 sections in this module, and each section has 40 questions. In this module, a headset is given to you, and you should place it and a recording if 40 seconds behind, but if you miss any question, the recording does not get repeated, and you get 10 minutes extra for answer transferring.
  3. Writing: The writing module has two tasks, 1 and 2. In Task 1, maps, process, pie charts, line graphs, tables, and bar graphs, and you have 20 minutes to complete it within 150 words. Task 2 should be completed in 40 minutes in 250 words, and it has different types, such as advantage, disadvantage, agree, disagree etc.
  4. Speaking: this module is based on checking your speaking ability in the English language, and this test is completed in three rounds. Introduction, cue card round, and follow-ups round.

Types of IELTS

IELTS is of two types: academics and general. Academic IELTS is for those who want to go abroad for study, and general is for those who want to go for work. Visa consultants also have to give this exam to be a consultant. They have to score 9 bands for being a consultant. 

Why people want to go aboard 

People want to go abroad because the quality of everything is better and the lifestyle of foreigners is much more beautiful. Moreover, the pay scale of work is quite high there, which attracts workers, and students can easily find part-time jobs during their studies to arrange their fees for the next semester.

Benefits of living abroad 

There are numerous benefits of living in another nation;

IELTS has become preferable in today’s life. Every third child wants to go abroad for their studies. After cracking IELTS, students visit different immigration to find the best immigration consultants  for their further process. Nexgeneration Education is known for being the best Immigration consultants in ludhiana.

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