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PTE is also known as a personal test of English. This test measures speaking, writing, reading, and listening expertise in English. This test helps those students to prove their English language certificate to immigrate to an English-speaking nation. If you want to achieve the desired score in the PTE exam, enroll in an IELTS Institute in Ludhiana. They provide you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the PTE exam.

Types of PTE exam 

PTE Academic

The PTE exam helps those people who want to study and work abroad.

PTE general 

The PTE general exam benefits those who learn the English language. 

Preparation of PTE exam 

When you arrive

When you arrive at the center, first, you greet the examiner and PTE center administrator. They will guide you about the rules and procedures and check the process. 

Check in the process, like

After the check-in process, the administrator provides you with the safest place to put your item. Then, you enter the test room. 

During the test

After entering the room, the test center officer guides you to where your seat is and which computer you use for the test. Also, they provide test-related things such as keyboards, pencils, headsets, notepad chairs, etc. 

This test center organized a small room where only ten students gave a test at one time. But when you give the test, you listen to the neighbor talk but don’t worry. Your audio set does not contain other voices and also doesn’t affect your test. 

You have two hours to complete your test on time. 

Id card 

When you go for a test in the center, the testing officer checks your ID card at any time so that when you go for an exam, you bring your id card.

That ID card is your passport. If you do not have a passport, you have another legal document. But it depends on the PTE exam which you choose. 

Test day checklist

 When you are going to give a test before you can check all the items that you need, like 

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