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You all must be aware of the recent integration made by Canada’s Immigration Minister around the Post Graduate Work Permit Extension. By using this a person can extend their open work permit for 18 months.

In this blog by NexGeneration Education, which is the best Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana, we will discuss everything about PGWP extension and a step-by-step guide to follow.

If you are already working in Canada on an open work permit, completing your IELTS from an IELTS institute in Ludhiana, this is a must-read blog.

Post Graduate Work Permit Extension (2023)

 Whenever a PGWP expires, the students would have to submit all the applications again for a different type of work permit, and secondly, it took a lot of work to get that extension.

But with the help of new rules and regulations, getting a PGWP extension is easy now. You can easily apply for the extension and get an 18 months extension of your post-graduate work permit.

Although the overall process for opting for this extension is easy, we will discuss the steps in the coming section. If you face any issues, you can contact your visa consultants, who can help you in that case.

Eligibility For Post Graduate Work Permit Extension

 To get the PGWP extension, complete a form on the IRCC website. Then, within some time, you will be able to receive an email from IRCC, along with your temporary PGWP extension, that you can show to your employer, with the help of which you can work in Canada lawfully.

The best part of this temporary extension policy is that every single PGWP works with it. So whether you are new to Canada or your PGWP, is already expired. You need to fill out your application on the IRCC website, wait for IRCC approval, and once the approval is given, you can show the extension to your employer.

How to Apply For Post Graduate Work Permit Extension?

 Once you have received the confirmation from IRCC around your PGWP Extension, make sure to follow these steps:

1- You must gather all your essential documents, such as your PGWP, College fee slip, Visa, and other details. Along with that, you also need a payment card ready with you to make the payment.

2- In the next step, you must precisely fill out the PGWP Extension form online.

3- The fee for this extension would be $155. Make sure to have various payment cards with you, as mastercards are showing some error in making payment.

4- At last, you need to follow the process/steps to start your application and be done.

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