Study in Canada

Study In Canada

Canada is the second-largest nation in the world with 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada's three largest cities are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, with Ottawa serving as the nation's capital. Canada is the second-most popular option for Indian students. Canada has seen the greatest increase in Indian student study visa applications since 2015. (Student Visa). Due to its liberal immigration policies and cosmopolitan culture, Canada is the top destination for international students and immigrants.

Application Procedure:

  • Select the program and college/university according to the profile
  • Prepare documents as per the guidelines of the college/university
  • Complete all language tests required by the universities for your proposed course
  • Get the required application forms from the internet or the universities upon request.
  • Arrange and prepare essays and recommendation letters
  • Complete the application form along with the required documents, and payment of required fees and submit the same
  • You will receive the offer letter from the college/university

Applying for a Study Permit:

Prepare your documents or scan the necessary documents to apply online.

  • For application, you are required to pay tuition fees (1st Semester fees)
  • Process your GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate); Create a GIC account and Pay CAD$ 10,200.
  • Medical Certificate
  • Prepare visa file
  • Visit VFS for File Submission OR Visit Online

Student Visa for Canada

Foreign people may study at designated learning institutes (DLI) in Canada with the help of a document we issue called a study permit. The majority of international nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation before applying. You must apply, Before going to Canada.