April 2023 – NexGeneration Education

Reasons Why the IELTS Test is Key to Achieving Your Study Abroad Goals

Are you planning to study abroad? Are you aware of the IELTS test and its importance in achieving your study abroad goals? Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, but the process of getting there can be challenging. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is important for any individual who wishes to study, work […]

The Surging Demand for IELTS Coaching Centers in Punjab

Are you thinking about studying, working, or settling in another country? The demand for IELTS coaching centers in Punjab is skyrocketing, and for a good reason. With more people trying to improve their English language abilities, the market for immigration consultants, Visa Consultants, and IELTS institutes in Punjab and neighbouring Punjab areas is fast expanding. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Canada’s Immigration Policy for 2022-2024

As quite possibly of the most multicultural and diverse country, Canada has forever been a well known destination for immigrants. With the arrival of the 2022-2024 Long term Levels Plan, Canada has reaffirmed its obligation to inviting newcomers and giving a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Canada’s immigration […]